So how does this work, hiring Joya beauty?

Here is the process to ensure that you will not only look your very best but you will feel just as beautiful on your wedding day.

When you inquire – whether by phone, email or website, I will contact you within the next 12-24 hours by email to confirm my availability and set up our initial phone consultation. We’ll discuss your wedding logistics and any needs, wants and concerns you might have.

If you would like to book your day I will email you a services agreement that documents the details, as we know them to date – this can always be updated. The document also outlines the rate quoted for the number of makeup applications etc.

Once you initial, sign and send that document back to me and submit your deposit (you can make that payment right on my website) – we are officially booked!

You’ll hear from me via a monthly email newsletter with tips for keeping healthy and beautiful You’ll also receive my Joya Planner – a comprehensive planning timeline that guides you from 6 months out to one week prior to your wedding day to help you make sure you look and feel your best.


We’ll make a date for your makeup design appointment – anytime Monday through Thursday. This interactive (and fun!) appointment usually lasts about 90 minutes. We will go over the details, colors, and your vision of how you (and your groom) dream of how you will look on the big day. We’ll explore eye design and colors to start, to achieve just the look you want, and then we’ll use a combination of traditional foundations, concealers and airbrush makeup until we get the desired amount of coverage. We will make sure that you feel comfortable in this makeup, not overwhelmed by it. Then we go back to the eye design and build it to the desired intensity using liners and faux lashes. Not sure about faux lashes? No worries, we’ll try them out in this appointment and see if you will want to wear them. We finish with lip color and blush/bronzer and voila! We have a beautiful bride. We will take photos, document the color choices on a face chart and then we have a plan set for your big day.

As we get closer to your day I will coordinate the schedule with your wedding planner (if you have one), your photographer and the hair stylist to ensure that your day is stress free and on schedule.

The week prior to your wedding I will check-in to hear any last minute instructions and get room numbers and any other logistics.

You can count on me to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes before our start time to set up. Then we get to work on making you feel relaxed, happy and of course radiantly beautiful. I always include your touchup products complete with blotting papers, lashes and lip product choice. Your bridesmaids and Mothers will also get a lip touchup product to coordinate with the bride’s and the dress colors.

While you are dressing into your gown I will work with the rest of the bridal party to finish lips, blush and powder. Once you are dressed I’ll make sure to do any final touch ups.

At this point, unless you have contracted my services to stay through the first look and photos pre-ceremony to do touchups, I will leave you to enjoy your wedding. It is truly an honor to be part of your special day.