MAKEUP SERVICES: Custom Blended Makeup
The way cosmetics should be!

Everyone is unique in coloring, skin type, personality, lifestyle and makeup preferences. One size does not fit all - custom makeup blended in the exact tones, shades, colors and formulas that are just right for you simply makes sense.

A Wedding Palette All Your Own

For the bride we can design a personalized color palette of custom cosmetics that blend perfectly with your wedding colors ... a sunset wedding awash in golden tones ... a ceremony in the shade is like bathing in cool blue light. We can blend tones to balance and create a "picture perfect" look! And with the added benefit of the purest mineral makeup ingredients that are great for the health of your skin.

A Truly Unique Gift

Plump up that gift package with a set of cosmetic pots, palettes, tubes or wands to be filled at Joya beauty with custom cosmetics - personalized eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. Include a lesson or makeup application and voila! You've created a gift that will never be forgotten.

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